UK The academy in a few words

You haven’t heard of the academy Monts en Musique? We will tell you everything about it!

We are very happy to invite you to join us for our academy of classical music that will take place from 23 to 29 August 2020 in Bourg-Argental (Loire department).

This academy offers participant of all levels (three years experience minimum) to improve with the help of a pedagogic staff which consists of musicians from different French and European orchestras as well as teachers from conservatories of regional and national level in France.

What is special about this event is that there is training proposed for most of the instruments that form a symphonic orchestra:

• violin, viola, cello and double bass
• oboe, flute, clarinet and bassoon
• trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba
• harp

New this year: the academy will open its doors to amateur choral singers who will be working during the whole week with our choral conductors.

The instrument students will individual classes per instrument throughout the week, while the ensemble classes will be dedicated to chamber music, mostly drawing from original repertoire, but also from made-to-measure transcriptions for new combinations of instruments.

We would be happy to welcome musicians of different profiles: students of conservatories, music schools, associations or amateur musicians. The aim is to make progress through demand, but without taking ourselves too serious!

At the same time, teachers and students will be presenting several concerts and musical events to the public which will constitute the second edition of the festivals Monts en Musique.

We hope to meet lots of you in summer!